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do you guys have a friends psd?

Yes, of course!

You have some psd’s and more stuff here 🙂

Fun fact: my family (specifically my mom) loves this show so much that my brothers name is Joey…

where can i download the show in good quality for gifs???

Ask us off anon please!

Since you don’t know what would be spoilers for that anon, cause the show’s over, shouldn’t they just block the season tags?

That would be a solution for him/her!

how much time do you spend making gifs?

It depends on who makes the gifs. We’re a lot of people here!

Hey! Is there a gifset of Rachel and Monica’s crying&hugging scenes? Like the ones in s02e01, s06e02, s06e06, s10e16

Here! 🙂

Hey! Could you make a gifset of the scene in TOW The Proposal when Phoebe and Rachel wanna choose backups and Phoebe picks the Ross napkin and Rachel picks the Joey one and they’re like “we should just switch”?

Here! 🙂

I shall request some more Monica/Chandler? Because they are amazing. – Love your blog btw!

There you go!

do you have or can you gif the scene from tow the yeti where pheobe is like “you know my friend from the crematorium” and monica goes “crematorium Chris? Sure.” thanks 💓

There you go!

Can you gif the scene/dialogue from The One Where Rosita Dies where the guy says “no one even knows I exist” at work when he’s going to kill him self and Phoebe is on the phone and asks “Chandler”?

Here! 🙂