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hi! could you possibly make a video compilation of ross saying “hi” all sad when he walks into a room cause it’s a mood

Here’s a video of that! 🙂

hey can you recommend us some blogs that also make friends gifs (like mostly friends)?? thank you in advance! love your blog!

Hi! Here you have some blogs, hope it helps you 🙂

Also, if anyone who’s reading this posts mostly friends, send us a message to add you there!

Could you make a gif set of season 8 episode 8, the scene where Ross is trying to defend himself to Mr Green and Mona about Rachel being pregnant?? Where he repeatedly says “no!” And follows it up with “I need to lie down”? I would love that, pls and thank you ❤️

Here you go! 🙂

Do you have a gifset of TOW Engagement Picture? I mean Chandler's face🙇🏻‍♀️

Here you go! 🙂

GIF requests for S10E2 TOW Ross Is Fine: -“There’s a hair in my coffee” moment -*DING* “I don’t even know what that’s for” and the way he opens the kitchen door in the background after

Here you go! 🙂

Do you have a gif of 2×13 where Chandler says “okay, eat me, I’m done!”?

Here you go! 🙂

Today I gave my friend, Jeff, the Ross Middle Finger, but he didn't get the gesture. So tell me, should I cut ties with Jeff?

Hahahaha you should make Jeff watch FRIENDS.

hey do you have any links to uncut scenes or episodes. there’s an uncut scene i’ve been searching for, for years from the one with the inappropriate sister where monica and chandler say in unison “that is so NOT true” when phoebe mentions in central perk that monica has been sounding a lot like chandler lately when they’re secretly dating. if you could help me out i’d really appreciate it. love your blog!!! <3

Hello! Nope, but you can search through our answered questions, you may find something 🙂

hey! i was wondering if you knew what happened to princeconsuela? didn't she use to be a member of this blog? thanks

Hi! Nope, she wasn’t a member here.

Hi! Do you prefer Rachel/Joey or Phoebe Joey – and why? 🙂 Thanks for giving us such a great blog!

I prefer Phoebe/Joey but as a friendship.